Thursday, July 12, 2012


Picture 1: In the first stages.
Picture 2: detail - in the finishing stages.

After being occupied with a lot of personal business for about 2 months, I finally started painting again a few weeks ago.
I really had missed to paint / to create / to disappear into paint / to astonish myself.
Because that is what I do. With every new painting I discover new 'things' which I want to explore further, and which make it a little bit different.
That is how I keep on evolving.
I am in the final stages now of a new 'Girls in Paint'. I think it will take me one or two more days to finish it. As always, the details make the finishing touch.
I currently work in the back room of ARTISHOX Art Gallery in Hasselt, Belgium. People who visit the gallery, can see me painting.
In the first stages of the painting, I only work when the door is closed. I don't want anyone to disturb me. I cannot make a composition with someone watching over my shoulder. It makes me extremely nervous.
Also, I need to step out of reality, into the painting. But then, when the composition has rised, it is no problem anymore to paint with audience... uptil a certain level I have to say! ;)

Although the painting rises under my eyes and hands, I am still curious for the final result. I already fell in love with it (in my opinion this is necessary, to be able to finish a painting properly). Happy me again!

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