Sunday, July 15, 2012

Body Talk - inner happiness

Yesterday I finished my new piece. The working title was changed into: Body Talk - inner happiness. It is about how people can shine, just because of what the feel/sense/experience. Love always shows!

A body never lies. It always tells the truth about your well being... or not. We should listen to our bodies, and listen to our feelings. They are related.
Last year I read a book: The Healing Power of Ilness by Thorwald Dethlefsen and Rudiger Dahlke (doctor and psychotherapist). The title in dutch is: De zin van ziekzijn - In german it is: Krankheit als Weg. It tells all about the relation between body and soul, and the influence of your characteristics and your soul on your body. I highly recommend this book. Anyway, since I read it, it helped me, and also several of my friends and family, as well. You don't have to be ill to read it... better read it, so you will not become ill!

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  1. Je hebt zo'n mooie stijl , echt te gek met die kleuren in portret kunst, precies waar ik ook naar streef.

    keep up teh good work

    regards, marchel