Friday, January 22, 2010

An interview with me on 'ABERRATION NATION'

Projections of a wandering mind, 2007, 100x120 cm/ 39x47 inch

Penelope Przekop is an American author (she wrote several books and is columnist of The New York Optimist), does a series of interviews on her blog with artists about the aberrations in their lives. I read two of her books. One is called 'Aberrations' (very good, I can recommend it to everyone!) and the 'Aberration Nation'-blog on the internet is a sort of extension on this theme. Penelope requested to do an interview with me and of course I agreed. It was sometimes very clarifying for my self to answer the questions, a sort of self-examination. After it was published I added a short comment to it, because some additional information was necessary.

If you're interested in reading it:

And if you want to know more: read her blog! It's very interesting and often very recognizable!!!!
Also she's an emerging artist. Keep an eye on her!

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