Monday, January 11, 2010

Opening exhibition Galerie 't Onderhuis

The serious snow showers and slippery roads yesterday, didn't stop me from going to the opening of my exhibition in Galerie 't Onderhuis.
Though it wasn't very crowded because of the weather alert, it was a very nice afternoon. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with my fellow-exhibitor Quraish who's work I admire for years now.

Both our work is represented by galleries such as Delfi Form in Zwolle and Tracé in Maastricht, but we never met before. He's an artist much longer than I am, and when I was still a humble student he was a huge example to me. He turned out to be a very modest person with deep insights. The experiences life has had in store for him (despite he's still young) together with his background, cultural heritage and personal view on life, form the foundation for his paintings.
The exhibition of his and my paintings runs until February 21. Also the ceramics of Marieke van Katwijk are exhibited and in the sculpture-garden the sculptures of Jan Staals are shown.

Opening times of the gallery:
Wednesday until Saturday, 13-17.00 hours
Every 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month 13-17 hours.
Flierstraat 81D, 4926 AB Lage Zwaluwe

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