Saturday, January 16, 2010

Partytime @ Galerie De Kei

Today I went to Galerie De Kei to attend the first day of their Cultural Festivity Weekend, like they'd asked me to.
It's always a pleasure to attend the openings of their exhibitions because they always do their utmost to make it special.
This time again it was very nice to meet and talk with people who'd already bought one of my paintings, or maybe are going to. And of course meet other art lovers. With a pianist on the pianoforte and truly delicious appetizers, wine was a very nice day.
There already have been quite some offers on my painting 'Upbeat Mood', and I'm curious about who's going to get it finally.
I've been able to make 2 pictures (between all the talking). One wasn't sharp, so the one above is the only one left.
The festivities will continue tomorrow, so if you're curious, don't live too far away and feel like it... Besides the delicious appetizers, drinks and live piano music, there will be several demonstrations of artists.

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