Monday, March 29, 2010

NO!!! It wasn't me!

Curator Anne-Katrin Lombeck is explaining my work.
Yes, I was in Basel this weekend, while the casino overthere was robbed, but I have an alibi!!!
I was in Basel for the exhibition 'ArtQuerfeld' and stayed in the hotel 'Dorint An der Messe', just around the corner of the world famous Messe of Basel, with a fake 'Mark Rothko' on the walls of the hotel room (shame!).
It was a pleasure to participate to ArtQuerfeld. It was a successful exhibition for me and not only the reactions were great, but I also met some wonderful and unforgettable Swiss people.
My special thanks go to Peter Schmallfuss and Daniela Pfister.
We also were lucky to be able to visit Basel with the sun in our faces and had a good time overthere.

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