Sunday, March 07, 2010

Resilience of the mind

close-ups of 'Resilience of the mind', 140x110 cm
Last week the mother of a good friend of my daughter committed suicide.
Though I know that humans can handle a lot and the mind can be unimaginably resilient, this time somehow I can understand her decision. Her life was so unbelievably dramatic that, after losing her husband, she couldn't get herself together anymore. My thoughts are with her children and I hope that they'll find the resilience to get through the process of grief and create a good life. What they've been through, is unbearable. I wish them lots of resilience, and a life filled with love and golden moments.


  1. Very touching and sad Esther. I think your painting really encapsulates the mood, which I like much. How is her daughter handling all?
    Another lighter note, how supportive is the Public there with art?

  2. Thank you Susan.
    Her son is handling it quite good. Time will tell how things will turn out. I hope for the best.
    Concerning the support:
    I get a lot of enthusiastic reactions. Not only from here but from all over the world. It gives me wings. Sales are good, but a little under pressure because of the crisis. But I think that's what all contemporary artists are somehow dealing with. It doesn't hold me from painting and creating though! ;-))))