Saturday, November 13, 2010

(ABSENCE of) Art can change the world!

In the Netherlands the government has plans to save 220 million euros on art and culture.
In Belgium they are talking about savings of only 14 million.

Of course, there's an economic crisis going on and there have to be savings in every sector.
No doubt that it is a great plan to reconsider every given subsidy in every sector.
I can only hope that a mixed committee will be composed of people who really know how important arts and cultural issues are to reconsider every given subsidy.
I never received any payment at all from the government. I've been self supporting all the time.
But, if the government would not have given subsidy to the art academy where I've studied, I would not have been able to study art, I would not have been able to do what I do right now.

Savings of 220 million euros in a small country like the Netherlands is absolutely ridiculous.
The people who suggested this plan don't have the faintest idea what the consequences of this outrageous plan will be.
They don't know how important art and culture are to a large group of people, consciously and unconsciously.

Don't those members of the government
-ever get goose bumps when they hear a beautiful piece of music?
-know that creating art, whether the quality is good or bad, has an enormous therapeutical effect?
-know that music/art/film/education in arts helps to reduce medical costs, because of their therapeutical effects?
-love watching a good movie/series on TV/play which is typical for their own country/culture or is innovative/touching etc...?
-know that art can change the world?

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